This website is owned and managed by Enigma Jewellers Pty Ltd (ABN 82 608 171 624). These Terms & Conditions apply to the use of the Enigma Jewellers public website by browsers and purchasers of products that feature in this website. They exist in order to protect the interests of all users of this website – consumers and sellers alike.


By viewing and/ or interacting with pages which comprise, and/ or by purchasing products which feature in, the Enigma Jewellers public website, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.


Enigma may amend these Terms & Conditions at any time by uploading amended/ substitute terms or conditions of its determination without issuing any prior notice. Substitute/ amended terms or conditions will take effect immediately upon being uploaded into the Enigma Jewellers public website, and will supersede those pre-existing terms/ conditions that they reflect immediately upon being uploaded. It is the responsibility of each individual user to ensure that they read and understand the latest version/ edition of these Terms & Conditions at any given time. By viewing or interacting with the Enigma Jewellers public website after replacement/ amended terms or conditions have been uploaded, you agree to be bound by any amended or new terms/ conditions introduced since you last used this website. No element of the Enigma Jewellers public website may be reproduced or published in any medium elsewhere without the prior consent of Enigma Jewellers.


Enigma Jewellers will meet all legislative requirements relating to the sale of goods to end customers (including all fair trading and consumer guarantee requirements), any and all complaints or claims in relation to products which have been purchased via the website for the relevant product. Enigma will provide the necessary remedies/ solutions (i.e. replacement, repair, exchange, or refund) to resolve valid customer claims under guarantee/ warranty. For more information see general exchange and refund policy.


A binding sale transaction for any product featured in the Enigma Jewellers public website will be established between you (the customer) and Enigma Jewellers only when your submitted order and payment is accepted by the seller. Acceptance of a customer’s order and payment is established as soon as the payment is successfully processed, which results in the payment amount being deposited in the seller’s account. Accepted orders may not be retracted. By placing an order, you warrant that you are legally entitled to enter into the sale transaction and are doing so honestly/ truthfully.


The voucher denomination/ amount purchased can be redeemed online as a customer payment option in relation to any product that is purchased from this website. The voucher can also be redeemed in the bricks and mortar store. Normal Gift voucher Conditions Apply.


ONLINE CUSTOMER PAYMENT OPTIONS Enigma Jewellers offer the following online payment options:


  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Direct Deposit – please contact the store if you wish to transact via Direct deposit.
  • Paypal – currently not yet available.


Enigma Jewellers use the electronic payment gateway eWay.

Eway are a very large privately owned payment platform. They are a merchant centric and believe in offering the community a safe, reliable, and frictionless payment gateway. For more information please refer to


PayPal is one of the most trusted providers of online payment gateways in the world. PayPal enables customers to pay online without revealing their credit card details to the seller. Read more about PayPal here:


You can tell that the Enigma Jewellers public website processes customer payments via a secure server by finding one or more of these "secure connection" indicators in your browser:


  • A pop-up window which advises you that you are about to use a secure connection.
  • An icon of an open padlock changes to become a closed padlock when you're engaged in a secure connection.
  • Our site's URL (address) in the Address Bar at the top of your screen changes to "https" (i.e. "s" is added to "http").
  • A "SSL" icon shows when you're engaged in a secure connection.
  • A "broken key" icon is replaced by a key icon which is whole when you're engaged in a secure connection.



Enigma Jewellers, nor the contracted IT company which develops or hosts the Enigma Jewellers public website and extranet on its servers, is responsible or liable whatsoever in the event that this website becomes unavailable or inaccessible for any user at any time for any length of time for any reason. Furthermore, Enigma Jewellers, the store owner, or the IT company that Enigma contracts to host the website, is responsible or liable whatsoever for any corruption or loss of data, or the transmission of viruses, which may arise from an event that is outside the control of any of these parties – including: virus attacks, undermining of the software by hackers, power outage or surge, or any other event which compromises either the hardware and/ or software that governs the operation of the Enigma Jewellers public website.


Customers have the choice of communicating electronically with Enigma CONTACT/ ENQUIRY FORMS Enigma representative will endeavor to respond to all inquires during immediate business hours. It is possible for customers to leave a message and their contact email address and/or mobile, so that future communication can be arranged if an immediate response is not available (please allow at least 24 hours).


Enigma Jewellers provide a 14 day exchange policy. Proof of purchase must be provided. Goods must be in their original condition and packaging, have not been worn and not damaged. All goods are inspected before dispatch to ensure quality. Sorry, we do not refund unless goods are faulty (and not damaged by the customer).

Swarovski jewellery must not be worn in the water as the crystals are glued individually. Swarovski is finished with a very high quality plating however care must be taken with creams and perfumes for example. For further Information please refer to care instruction booklet. Unfortunately, due to health regulations Swarovski earrings cannot be exchanged if you change your mind.

Ring sizing: please note that ring resizing in most circumstances will incur a charge. Please inquire before ordering or purchasing your ring about size availability as some rings may be available in alternate sizes.

If products are faulty, Enigma’s store policy is to repair the product or follow the suppliers (or brands) repair and/or replacement policy and/or guidelines. This procedure must be adhered to before considering an alternative solution. The necessary remedies/ solutions could include many options (i.e. replacement, repair, exchange, or refund) to resolve legitimate customer claims under guarantee/ warranty. All issued guarantees or warrantees are at the discretion of Enigma Jewellers. Where a refund is determined to be the best resolve to a returned product situation, the customer may receive a refund up to the full purchase value of the product. Note – any freight costs incurred are non-refundable.


Enigma Jewellers is responsible for ensuring that the information which they present is factual and truthful (see more below). Similarly, when a customer is asked to provide certain information when enquiring/ requesting information and/ or purchasing a product featured in the Enigma Jewellers website, then you (as a customer) warrant that:

  • All information supplied by you will be true and accurate in every respect at the time you submit it, and
  • You will not supply any false/ pseudo identity in an attempt to mislead or deceive the information recipient, and
  • Upon becoming a registered Enigma Jewellers customer, you will be responsible for ensuring that your Customer Profile reflects current details at all times. Enigma Jewellers stores are not responsible or liable whatsoever for sending a purchased product to a destination which in fact is no longer a customer’s valid delivery address.
Please be aware that ENIGMA JEWELLERS can retract an item from sale at any time. At times, although all care is taken, human error or data entry error may result in the incorrect printing and/display of prices and descriptions. For these reasons an item may be withdrawn from sale.


Jewellery prices are subject to many market price fluctuations so items often will need to be requoted. Please Contact Enigma if unsure or for a current quote for a specific item.



Your use of the Enigma Jewellers public website is subject to ongoing review and authorization by Enigma. Enigma reserves the right to either temporarily or permanently suspend your use of this website, at any time for any reason.

Without restricting the circumstances which may cause Enigma to take such action, Enigma may suspend/ prevent your use of this website if:

  • you commit any breach of these Terms & Conditions
  • you commit (or attempt to commit) any crime in the course of you using the Enigma Jewellers public website
  • Enigma receives complaints made against you in relation to your use of this website, which Enigma deems to be of such a nature and/ or severity that they justify banning you from using this website.
  • you are bankrupt or insolvent


Any Username or Password which either Enigma assigns to you or which you generate yourself within the Enigma Jewellers public website, is your sole responsibility (as the customer) to keep confidential. Enigma Jewellers are not responsible or liable for the consequences of any situation which unfolds due to you choosing to share your login details with another person – or inadvertently or otherwise disclosing your login details to another person. You agree not to allow any other person to use your Username or Password, or provide or disclose your Username or Password to any other person. Any information which you supply to Enigma Jewellers store and/ or via the Enigma Jewellers website, remains your information whilst in our care. Should you wish to have some/ all of this information returned to you at any stage, upon receiving your written request for this to happen, Enigma will action your request immediately and your details will be removed from all relevant databases as a result. You are entitled to view your details at any time, and as a registered customer you can view/ edit/ delete your details in your Customer Account. At the time of checking-out, should you provide credit or debit card details when paying for a product that you added to your online Shopping Bag, these details will only be used to process that particular payment. Your card details will not be stored by Enigma for future purchase occasions, and Enigma will not store a record of your card details.


Where a customer chooses to have their purchased product couriered to a specified delivery address, such an address must be a street address at which an inhabited building is located. Products will not be delivered to:

  • Post Office Box addresses
  • Private Bag addresses
  • Rural Delivery addresses

...sorry no exceptions.

The recipient must be in attendance in the building at the nominated delivery street address at the time the freight company arrives to deliver the product, in order for the freight company to hand over the product to the rightful recipient. In all cases, the freight company will not release the product to the recipient until it has been signed for. It is in the best interests of the purchaser and recipient if the recipient confirmed by the purchaser in the order is the person who signs for the delivered product – not someone else on their behalf.


The introductory Shipping rate as at March 2016 will start from  $9.95. This shipping rate will be recalculated and quoted to customers in remote areas, or with larger bulky items. Please inquire with any shipping queries or if located in remote areas of Australia.


Currently Enigma Jewellers only delivers within Australia. We will consider international shipping in the future.

Enigma Jewellers are predisposed to trusting in the honesty of every customer until circumstances arise which lead them to consider otherwise.


All users of the Enigma Jewellers public website must interact with it in accordance with the instructions and guidelines published throughout this website. No user shall attempt to undermine, compromise, or disable the Enigma Jewellers public website, or any software system/ structure underpinning it, in any way. Sale transactions and all other activities which you engage in as a customer in the Enigma Jewellers public website, are conducted entirely at your own risk. You acknowledge and agree that Enigma has no responsibility or liability for any actions, inaction, or information that is performed/ not performed/ provided by any given Showcase Jewellers store.


By installing any links to other websites in the Enigma Jewellers public website, this does not suggest or mean that any of these linked sites are endorsed, advocated, supported or recommended by Enigma Jewellers. Enigma Jewellers personnel have no responsibility for managing the content or functioning of these linked sites, and therefore these parties have no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage suffered by a customer as a consequence of customers interacting with (including acting on information found in) these linked sites.


"Double " pricing may be expressed in the Enigma Jewellers public website and respectively, will be 'USUAL RETAIL PRICE' And 'BUY NOW SPECIAL OFFER' The "Usual Retail Price" of a product is the price at which the product is usually offered for sale at by the seller. The "Buy Now Special Offer " is the price that the seller is willing to offer the product for sale at, at a price which is less than the "Usual Retail Price". Such offers are only available for a limited time and/ or in limited quantities and/ or special conditions may apply.


A customer may have the right to cancel all or part of their online purchase order in the event that Enigma fails to supply one or more product relating to the given order. Customer will be given an estimated delivery date. If Enigma fails to contact the customer to advise of a new delivery date or the order falls outside of the estimated date by 14 days without further agreement, the customer may have the right to cancel their order. Please refer to general refund and exchange policy for more information.


"Enigma Jewellers public website" means the website found at "you" and "your" means the end customer – a person who views pages and/ or buys products in the Enigma Jewellers public website. "legislative" – refers to the legislation which governs the sale of products and services by businesses to the end consumer in Australia and New Zealand respectively.