Jewellery Design, Custom made jewellery & Remodelling of Jewellery

Enigma Jewellers are several time finalists in jewellery design.

This is an important and passionate part of our business. We can help create a design with combined inspiration to craft the piece of jewellery of your dreams.

Please see our design page for more details.

Quotes are obligation free and free of charge. Conditions Apply*. 

Jewellery Repairs*

Enigmas Jewellers repairs most jewellery. Please contact us for any questions – of course there is no fee to ask, we would love to help you.
In most circumstances we will need to physically see the item requiring repair before we can quote, this is due to the delicate and intricate nature of jewellery, and the care and risk involved.

Examples of repairs:

  • Chain and bracelet solders.
  • Ring resize service
  • Resetting of stones
  • Replace broken or worn ring claws

There are many more repairs than listed above, for any inquiries please visit us in-store or contact us here for any inquiries. Quotes are obligation free and free of charge. Conditions Apply*

Jewellery Cleaning & Polishing

If you choose to have your jewellery professionally cleaned the results are outstanding, in most cases the jewellery looks almost brand new. Most pieces will be required to be taken to the workshop for a professional clean. We can advise on the best method of cleaning, we will need to view the item in most circumstances.

Gold re-melting to make new jewellery

This is a popular choice for customers. It is essential that we physically view and test your gold to begin this process. Again we offer a complimentary service to quote on your gold melting, trade-in or remake. You will be pleasantly surprised to see what we can make for you with your old gold, there is an excellent choice of designs, from classic to quite abstract.

Watch Battery and Pressure Test* (for water seal)

Most batteries can be fitted in store and ‘while you shop’, we usually ask you to allow us a short time to complete the job. We will advise when we see the watch if it could be a more complicated repair.

Some watches must be repaired by their supplier for best care. This usually is applicable to the more expensive, specialised or exclusive brands. Please visit us in-store at Enigma Jewellers or contact us for more inquiries.

A similar service is available for the Pressure Test of a watch. If your watch is waterproof and you wish to wear it in water, to guarantee the water resistancy the watch will need to be Pressure Tested.

Watch and Clock repairs

For more complicated items and for mechanical or specialised watches these are best cared for by our watchmaker or with the watch supplier. Due to the time required and the delicate nature of watches there can be a small quote fee.

Examples of watch repairs include:

  • New crown (the winder that changes the time)
  • Water pressure test and new rubber seals
  • Quartz movement (battery) watch service or movement replacement
  • Mechanical watch service or overhauls
  • New watch glass
  • Clock repairs and servicing


Pearl and Bead restringing

Restore old or new strands with our re-stringing service. As with other repairs we need to physically assess the product to be restrung. We need to assess the quality and condition of the pearls to guarantee a good result. Please come and visit us in-store or contact us with your inquiry.


Enigma Jewellers offers a Jewellery Valuation service. Enigma Jewellers are registered with the NCJV (National Council of Jewellery Valuers). It is important to know your items are being examined, valued and cared for professionally. Your valuation certificates from Enigma Jewellers will be authenticated with our registered valuers stamp and id.

Insurance Quote

In the unfortunate event that you have lost or stolen goods, we can provide you with an insurance replacement quote. You insurance company will guide you on the procedure and usually instruct you to arrange for a quote.


Enigma Jewellers offers a 12 week layby service for full priced items. The normal deposit is 20%, with a payment required every two weeks. For full terms and conditions and other layby offers please contact us instore or via the contacts us page. Please note cancellation fees and other terms and conditions apply.

Interest Free purchases

We offer finance for purchases over $500, and for a maximum of $5850. The application process is simple and fast and your finance could even be pre-approved before shopping.

Finance is offered through CERTEGY Ezi-Pay or FIDO finance.

*Look out for in-store promotional periods offering just 10% deposit for finance purchases.

We can process everything instore for you in a few minutes.

If using the FIDO finance, you may opt to pre-approve yourself in five minutes at (apply now), or call 1300 761 560 (application pre-approval, Mon – Fri) or 1300 761 561 (Sat-Sun) and ask for a FIDO application. When prompted please advise that you will be shopping at Enigma Jewellers, part of the Showcase Jewellers group.

7 Year Diamond Guarantee

We honour the quality of the jewellery we sell by offering you a 7-yeardiamond guarantee with your Diamond Jewellery purchases. We invite you to visit us in-store for a complimentary 'clean and check' of your jewellery regularly to keep your guarantee valid. This usually takes a few hours to a few days. Please contact us ahead to ensure this can be completed promptly for you if you are in a hurry.

Gold Buyers

Enigma Jewellers offer a service to remelt your gold to recreate you a new piece or you may trade-in your gold towards a new item of jewellery (please see previous information on gold).

All gold will be assessed and tested and Enigma Jewellers will offer you an obligation free quote for any of the above services.


*Quotes are valid for 30 days. Quotes may at times incur a small quote fee which Enigma will advise, please inquire if you are unsure.

* Minor repairs and standard watch batteries are completed in-store and on a same day service. We will advise on taking in the job the length of time required for the repair what is the best care.
As with all services conditions may apply to any of the above services.